About the NMC Technology Outlook: 2011 New Zealand Edition, a Regional Horizon Report.

Horizon Reports

The New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project is an ongoing research project that aims to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have a large impact on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry within higher education around the globe over a five-year time period. The project’s central products are the Horizon Reports, an annual series of publicationsthat describe promising emerging technologies and highlight their relevance to education, as well the NMC Technology Outlook, a series of regionally focused reports that make use fo the Horizon research database and processes.

The edition for which this wiki was created is the NMC Technology Outlook: 2011 New Zealand Edition, a Regional Horizon Report. This first edition of the report is a collaboration between The New Media Consortium, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Ako Aotearoa, the Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-Learning (ACODE), and the Distance Education Association of New Zealand (DEANZ). This year, the report will be published in late November, 2011.

The report focuses on emerging technology and its applications for tertiary education (broadly defined) in New Zealand.

The report follows a specific format to describe six areas of emerging technology that will impact higher education in Australia and New Zealand within three adoption horizons over the next five years. Each topic opens with an overview describing the technology at hand, followed by a discussion of its relevance to teaching, learning, or creative inquiry. Examples of how the technology is currently employed, or how it could be applied to education, illustrate its potential. Finally, an annotated list of materials for further reading is provided for those who wish to explore a topic in greater depth.

In selecting the six topics, the project will draw on the conversation that will take place here among leaders in the fields of business, industry, and education. This conversation will be informed by a review of published resources, by current research and practice, and by the expertise of educational technology communities in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. The report is guided by the Horizon Project’s New Zealand Advisory Board, a body of experts representing a range of perspectives in Australian and New Zealand tertiary education. The Advisory Board engages in a discussion framed by a set of research questions that are intended to uncover significant trends and challenges and to identify a broad field of potential technologies for the report. The process by which the Advisory Board arrives at consensus about the final six topics presented in the Horizon Report is detailed in the methodology section

Members of the Australia and New Zealand education community are encouraged to follow the Advisory Board's progress as the discussion unfolds and to use the wiki as a resource and reference tool. It is the record of the processes used, materials referenced, research methods, and decisions that will be part of creating the 2011 Horizon.NZ Report. It is meant to provide a deep resource of materials underpinning the Report.

Any interested party is encouraged to participate in this Horizon project by tagging relevant resources in delicious.com, using the project's tag hz11nz.